94. Bachfest der Neuen Bachgesellschaft e.V. in Rostock

Embedded in the double anniversary of Rostock’s 800th birthday in 2018 and Rostock University’s 600th birthday in 2019 the Bachfest will be part of the celebrations from May 10-19. It is artistically supervised by Prof.Dr. Markus Johannes Langer, with Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig acting as patron for the project. Offering more than 100 events, the program’s overarching theme is „Counterpoints“.

„Counterpoint“ is a principal term in part music, meaning a correspondent opposite voice for any given theme. In a more metaphorical sense counterpoint means a contrast, an opposite pole to something.
The festival itself is in many ways contrapuntal in nature. Aside from performances of Bach`s vocal and instrumental work, rarely heard counterpoints are also part of the varied program. On one side the romantic/neo-baroque soundscape of Antonín Dvorák in the context of Bach’s echo in romanticism, on the other instrumental works by Igor Strawinsky in contrastive dialogue with the Brandenburg Concerts. 
Further counterpoints are offered by Bach’s preludes and fugues in contrast to preludes by Schostakowitsch and live painting, pieces about church windows by Sigfrid Karg-Elert and Petr Eben, Magnificat-settings by Bach Arvo Pärt and Harald Weiss, as well as reflections in Jazz, a baroque-expedition for children, the breakdance program „Flying Bach“ and Bach’s music performed in the Rostock harbour.

One of the festival’s focal points is the legacy of conductor and musicologist Hermann Kretzschmar, who laid the foundation for the yearly Bachfest in his „Historische Konzerte“ and later, in 1901, the very first Bachfest in Berlin.

Interpreters of global acclaim will perform next to local artists from Rostock: Concerts with soprano vocalist Dorothe Mields, the recipients of the Bach medal Reinhard Goebel and Peter Kooij, organists Tom Koopman and Christoph Schoener, Berliner Barock Solisten, consisting of members of the Berlin Philharmonics, the Lautten Compagney Berlin und many more promise a varied and high quality program.

The yearly convention of the Hochschulrektorenkonferenz (HRK) will take place in Rostock during the Bachfest. 

The Bachfest is hosted by the Bachverein Rostock e.V., whose members have been preparing for the festival since February of 2017.

Artistic Director:   KMD Prof. Dr. h.c. Markus J. Langer

Artistic Director:

KMD Prof. Dr. h.c. Markus J. Langer