94th Bach Festival of the Neue Bachgesellschaft e.V. in Rostock

Embedded in the double anniversary of Rostock’s 800th birthday in 2018 and Rostock University’s 600th birthday in 2019 the Bachfest will be part of the celebrations from May 10-19. It is artistically supervised by Prof.Dr. Markus Johannes Langer, with Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig acting as patron for the project. Offering more than 100 events, the program’s overarching theme is „Counterpoints“.  Read more →


Upcoming Events

Supporting Programme 

Discover known and unknown venues. The Bach Festival sounds at 12 different locations in and around Rostock.

Tickets for the Bach Festival are available from 1 October 2018. Find a sales office near you. You can also book your tickets by phone or on the Internet and print them at home.

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