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Choir Music in Rostock around 1600

  • St.-Marien-Church Bei der Marienkirche 2 18055 Rostock (Karte)

Choir Music in Rostock around 1600

Bassano-Ensemble Berlin

Bassano-Ensemble Berlin

Compositions of local choirmasters Daniel Friderici, Nicolaus Gotschovius, Nicolaus Hasse and Geord Patermann for four to twelve voices in one to three choirs.



Daniel Friderici (1584 – 1638):
„Levavi oculos meos ad montes“ motet for two four-part choirs

Nicolaus Gottschovius (ca. 1575 – 1624):
„Ecce Maria genuit nobis Salvatorem“ motet for six voices
„Speremus meliora omnes“ motet for three four-part choirs
„Turbabor sed non perturbabor“ motet for two four-part choirs
(from the selection „Centuriæ sacrarum cantionum prima pars“)

„Mirabile mysterium“ motet for two four-part choirs
„O te beatum“ motet for six voices
(from „Variarum Cantionum“)

Georg Paterman (ca. 1580 – 1628):
„Quam pulchrae sunt mammae tuae“ motet for two five-part choirs
„Sponsa velut Christo juncta est Ecclesia Sponso“ motet for seven voices

Nicolaus Hasse (*1670):
„Herr, wann ich nur dich hab“ motet for five voices

Johann Sebastian Bach:
„Komm, Jesu, komm“ BWV 229 motet for five-part choir





St.-Marien-Kantorei Rostock



Accompanying lecture for this concert.

17 May 2019 10:00 a.m.

Composing and Performing Motets in Rostock around 1600 . More Information

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