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All Inventions and Symphonies – Young Academy Concert

  • hmt Rostock / Kammermusiksaal Beim St.-Katharinenstift 8 18055 Rostock (map)

All Inventions and Symphonies – Young Academy Concert

young academy rostock (yaro)

young academy rostock (yaro)

With a versatile support model, the young academy rostock supports students of the music schools within the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with additional lessons at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock. 



Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750):
Invention 1 C major BWV 772
Wilhelmine Koch, Kon.centus Neubrandenburg

Invention 2 C minor BWV 773
Invention 3 D major BWV 774
Erik Hackbarth, Kon.centus Neubrandenburg

Invention 4 D minor BWV 775
Emmanuel Walter, YARO-Frühstudent

Invention 5 E flat major BWV 776
Wilhelmine Koch

Invention 6 E major BWV 777
Yuxuan Bai, Ataraxia Schwerin

Invention 7 E major BWV 778
Clara Beigang, YARO-Frühstudentin

Invention 8 F major BWV 779
Yuning Bai, Ataraxia Schwerin

Invention 9 F minor BWV 780
Helene Ivanova, Konservatorium Rostock

Invention 10 G major BWV 781
Mette Marit Maschke, Kon.centus Neubrandenburg

Invention 11 G minor BWV 782
Invention 12 A major BWV 783
Pamina Seiberling, YARO-Frühstudentin

Invention 13 A minor BWV 784
Anne Christin Möbius, Konservatorium Schwerin

Invention 14 B major BWV 785
Mette Marit Maschke

Invention 15 B minor BWV 786
Yuxuan Bai

Sinfonia 1 C major BWV 787
Annika Koll, Konservatorium Schwerin

Sinfonia 2 C minor BWV 788
Eduard Küster, Konservatorium Rostock

Sinfonia 3 D major BWV 789
Emely Schmidt, Konservatorium Schwerin

Sinfonia 4 D minor BWV 790
Emmanuel Walter

Sinfonia 5 E flat major BWV 791
Oksana Goretska, YARO-Frühstudentin

Sinfonia 6 E major BWV 792
Emely Schmidt

Sinfonia 7 E minor BWV 793
Helena Ivanova

Sinfonia 8 F-Dur BWV 794
Yuning Bai

Sinfonia 9 F minor BWV 795
Sinfonia 10 G major BWV 796
Sinfonia 11 G minor BWV 797
Philipp Thönes, YARO-Frühstudent

Sinfonia 12 A major BWV 798
Annika Koll

Sinfonia 13 A minor BWV 799
Sinfonia 14 B major BWV 800
Oksana Goretska

Sinfonia 15 B minor BWV 801
Clara Beigang





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